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Applying to Graduate School:  My Experience & Tips

Applying to Graduate School: My Experience & Tips

Applying to graduate school can be confusing! Take a look at these tips based on my experience of applying to graduate school.

Tips to Help You Time Manage

Tips to Help You Time Manage

So you need help with time management?

Welcome to a very typical situation most people find themselves in. Whether you have work or school, it can be challenging to efficiently manage your time. I, personally, have dealt with this myself throughout college and starting my career. Through my personal experience, I have found many effective ways to help manage your time. These are just a few of my favorite tips for time management. If you use these tips, you will be more likely to time manage effectively.

To Do List for Time Management

Make a to-do list everyday

While this may seem obvious, making to-do lists are a great way to prioritize what needs to be accomplished in your day. Make individual lists for each day, so that you will be better able to organize and schedule your daily activities. To make this list ask yourself the follow questions: 1.) What do I need to accomplish? 2.) When are your upcoming deadlines and obligations? If you ask yourself these questions, you should be able to make a comprehensive list you can use in the next step! Write your answers down, so that you will be able to organize and schedule them out!

Planner used for time management

Try using a planner

Now that you have created the perfect to-do list, you need to schedule the time to get stuff done! I recommend using a planner or agenda book to schedule out your time. First, find a planner that works for you! Click on the above picture to check out an article from Business Insider with their recommendations for planners. Second, you need to take your to-do list and schedule out time to complete your goals. Balance these goals with your previously planned responsibilities, like work or school. I encourage you to be very thorough when working on your planner. Include times and goals with specified details to keep you on track!

Manage you time and relax

Schedule free time to relax

While scheduling out your days, you need to think about making free time for yourself. Many people often find themselves putting off tasks to relax! To avoid this, try scheduling that necessary time into your schedule. You can use this time for whatever you want, but make sure you are taking time for yourself. I recommend using this time to do something that helps decrease your stress, like exercising! There are times that you might feel the need to skip this step, but I promise you will appreciate this free time in your future when you are getting overwhelmed. Prioritize your wellbeing!

Do not be afraid to say no to help with time management

Do you ever find yourself taking on too many responsibilities? I know I have for sure. After a long time of trying to balance everything out, I decided it was time to start saying, "no." When people ask you to help out, make sure to consult your schedule first. Helping others is always a good thing, but you do not want to commit to something you cannot follow through with.

These are my tips to help you time manage! Try to implement these tips into your daily life, and you will see a tremendous amount of improvement in your overall life balance. While implementing these tips, check out this article about balancing your free time with your responsibilities. 

I hope you enjoyed Learning About Time Management Skills!

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