4 Pieces of Advice You Need Before Graduating College

4 Pieces of Advice You Need Before Graduating College

Let's Face It: Graduating College can Feel overwhelming.

While graduating from college can feel like a considerable achievement, it also brings on huge changes that can be difficult for some to handle. For example, moving cities or trying to find the “perfect” job feels daunting at times.

That’s why I reached out to some of our readers and asked, “What is something you wish you would have known before graduating from college?”

These were the most common answers from people just like you!

1. Internships are important

Many college students have the opportunity to participate in internships during their time in college. Internships not only provide you with valuable hands-on experience, but they will also give you more experience that you can list on your resume. Employers want to hire people who have experience in their desired industry. 

As a recent college graduate, Kristy Piper, said, “Don’t wait until the summer before your senior year [to do an internship] when it’s a requirement. Getting your foot in the door is very important!”

Take advantage of internship opportunities before and right after you graduate! Use your internship experience to grow your analytical and communication skills, so that you will be more prepared for your career. 

2. Start Budgeting and Saving Money Now

Recent college graduates  found themselves wishing that they would have started budgeting and creating a healthy savings account before they graduated college. It is vital to your everyday success to budget your money. For many college graduates, this will be the first time they have a steady and continuous income to manage. However, this will also be the first time many college graduates have a large number of bills, including student loans, to pay. 

One college graduate, Sheryl Breeden, stated, “Start saving money for retirement with your very first paycheck.”

Go ahead and start practicing those budgeting skills now, so that it will not be such a massive change after graduation. 

3. Finding A job might be harder than you think

Many soon-to-be college graduates are under the impression that their degree will be enough to get hired into their dream position. The reality is that it takes a lot more than a college degree to get you into certain starting positions. You will need to be patient in your job hunt and start early! In some instances, it can take more than just filling out an application to get a job.

Alison Garrett, a recent college graduate, said, “Applying, interviewing, and accepting a job offer can take a long time, weeks…months. It isn’t always something that happens fast…” 

Do not be afraid to get your name out there and work hard to find a job that excites or interests you.

4. Create a Strong Network and Use it after Graduating

As Rachel Graves commented, “Making connections and building a reputation is everything.” 

As I stated earlier, finding a job is not easy. However, if you have a strong network of professionals in your career field, then you will be able to use these relationships to your advantage. Networking is a normal part of the professional world, so do not be afraid to use connections through your family or friends either. Reach out to your contacts after college, and be sure to return the favor in other networking situations.

You need to go ahead and start creating your network as soon as possible. Want tips on the best way to get started? Check out this Forbes Article on the best way to network.

Now that you have heard tips for College Graduates think...

It is time for you to use what you have learned! Follow these 4 tips for life after graduation to help you be more successful, and leave a comment below telling me your advice for students who are graduating from college!

I hope you loved reading the blog today!

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