The Ultimate Guide to Job Interviews

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interviews

How to prepare for your job interview

As a student, my professors taught me that there are many vital details to being successful in an interview. It takes so much more than an impressive resume to get your dream job. Follow this guide to be prepared for any situation during your interview. 


So you applied for a job and got an interview…Congrats! Now, you need to start your first step in prepping for the interview. One of the most vital steps in the process is pre-interview research. Take the time to learn about the company and the position. Learn things like there mission statement and values. This will impress your interviewer and make you better prepared for their questions. 

Click here to read the full post with all of the details you need to succeed at research. 



After you have research and understand the values of your desired organization, you need to make sure you reflect the best version of yourself for the organization.  It is incredibly important that your social media is decent and reflects well on you. 

Here is all of the information you need to clean up your social media accounts for your job interviews.



Now, it’s time to clean up your look for your job interview.  The first step is understanding the fundamental differences between business professional outfits and business casual outfits. Mastering these basic styles will be key to your success in your interview and the workplace overall, as you will need to know what to wear to separate events. 

This post will show you everything you need to know to understand the differences. 



Once you have mastered the differences between style types, it is time to pick out your outfit. The way you dress is vital to having a great first impression with your interviewers. Take the time to style and perfect an outfit that makes you feel confident and ready. 

Here are my tips and tricks to pick the perfect outfit. 



The last step is practicing for answers to common interview questions. While “practice makes perfect” is a total cliche, you will find that practicing will only benefit you in the long run. Practice from these five common questions that you will likely hear in your interview. 

These are five questions I have been asked in every interview. I always practice these before any interview I am asked to be a participant in. 


Quick Guide to Job Interview Information

Research is vital to your success! Through research, you can better understand the company and what kind of questions will be asked of you.  Take the time to learn what you can prior to your interview. 

Your social media needs to be free of controversial content, as that would reflect poorly on you and the organization.  Delete old posts that do not align with your values now. 

Business Professional is a more formal attire compared to business casual. Knowing the difference between the two is a valuable skill needed for interviews and the workplace. 

Know what to wear and how to wear it! Your outfit can make or break your interview and set that first impression. These do’s and don’ts will help you pick the best outfit. 

You must practice possible interview questions to feel confident and give better answers during your interview. Practice common interview questions to prepare. 

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