A Guide to a Senior’s Last Month in College

A Guide to a Senior’s Last Month in College

Take a look at my guide through a senior’s  last month in college. Whether it is senioritis or walking across that stage, this is the motivation that you need. 

When You realize you only have a month left

My best advice is to not wish your last college days away! A year from now, you will regret not spending those last days living in the moment. Keep a countdown, but do not focus only on that! Use your excitement and do fun activities or finish those last assignments. 

So you feel motivated to finish strong...

You’re less than a month away from getting that diploma! Now is the time to work hard and push to the finish line. You got this!

...But Then the "senioritis" hits

Ah, Senioritis! Seniorities is the made of disease that deems all seniors just “incapable of doing their work.” In other words, you are so over it! Do not let senioritis be the thing that hurts your GPA. Sure, you can joke about it, but try and power through it. 

When All of Your Projects and Presentations Fall on the Same Week

This week or two inevitably happens to all students! Whether it’s a month before graduation or a week before graduation, this week hits students hard. Go ahead and prepare for this week by using your time management skills. Start early and be prepared. 

When you realize you have to leave your friendas

When a casual dinner with your friends turns into a sobbing fest after your realize it is one of the last times to do that. This has been the hardest realization for me as I prepare to graduate. There will never be another time in your life when you live this close to all of your best friends. Rather than being sad, you should take these last moments and cherish them. 

Cramming for Your Finals like...

So you have spent your time living it up with friends, only to realize you still have to take finals! Study hard and effectively! You should eliminate distractions and use effective study tips to go over what you need to know. 

After you take you finals

TAKE A DEEP BREATH!  The worst of it is over. Try not to focus on your grades and put your time into something useful like packing your dorm or returning your books. Be proud of the hard work that you have done. 

When you actually make it to your Graduation Day

You better walk across that stage with your head held high and be proud! The past few years of stress, tears, homework, and group projects have all led to this very moment. You deserve it! 

You made it! It is time to celebrate

Now that you have your diploma, it is time to celebrate. Whether it is at a graduation party or just a casual hang out with your family, cherish every moment. And hey, you can tell people that you are a college graduate. 

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