The Importance of Pre-Interview Research

The Importance of Pre-Interview Research

When I go into an interview, I have always been asked the same two questions.

 1.” Tell us a little about yourself…”

2. “What do you know about our company?”

These two questions can essentially be answered the same way. The first is easier to answer as you do not have to acquire the information you already know. Simply, it is a brief summary of who you are, and it is your opportunity to sell yourself to the interviewer. The second question is slightly more complicated. Before an interview, you need to have compiled and researched information about the company. 

Wondering what exactly you should know and research? Here are my suggestions:  

What does the company provide and to whom?

Hopefully, this should be the easiest topic as you probably learned this before applying for the position. For this topic, I recommend you know as much as possible. This can include the following:

 – what products or services does the company provide?

– Who is their ideal customer or target market? 

Company operations can be slightly more complicated than it seems. If you do not know the basics of the company, then your interviewer will simply disregard you as a candidate. 

The current Open Position: Skills and Traits Needed

This one should also be easier for you as well. Look at the application and really read the fine details of the position. Make sure you know the required skills and personality traits for the position. Also, I would recommend thinking about a time where you have used or learned these skills in the past to use during the interview. 

The Company's Overall Culture

This topic will require more effort than the previous topics. A company’s culture is like the life of the company and the employees in it. Look up topics like:

-What is “abc” company’s mission statement?

-Do they have any company rituals? 

-How is the workplace environment? 

These questions may be harder to find online, so feel free to ask one of these to your interviewer if you cannot find an answer. However, knowing these answers will make you better prepared to answer questions within the interview, and it will leave a good impression with the interviewer. 

Any Current News Surrounding the Company

Knowing relevant news surrounding a company is vital to success in your interview. This could be charitable contributions or community involvement, recent events, or even some negative press. This information can be used to help you formulate your answers to multiple questions spread throughout the interview. 

What to do with this information?

Take the information that you learned and practice answering common interview questions with this in mind. Interviewers will be impressed that you took the time to learn about their company, and it will show just how serious you are about the position.  Now, go put on your best interview outfit and rock it! 

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